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Chloe is Prima’s resident corgi-chihuahua mix (a.k.a. the “corwowa”) who is a tiny sweetheart/ rescue dog!  We are not exactly certain how old she is, but would guess 8 years old.  Chloe was rescued from an abandoned apartment in Hartford, CT when she was just a little one (and it was clear she recently had puppies of her own that were taken away).  With love and nurturing this traumatized girl has come into her own personality and is well known in the local area doggie scene. Chloe is our therapeutic helper….gentle and loving with all humans and intuitively knows when our clients need extra TLC (she may ask to sit on your lap if you are feeling sad or stressed, and provide you with some extra puppy love).

Always Remembered: Past Prima Pack Members


Bella was our beautiful Italian Greyhound (100% vata dosha….the canine version!)  She loved to run in circles around the house, had a particular affinity for espresso and chocolate (even though strictly forbidden) and was a mini scavenger on the look out for treats and toys.  She was the most special  snuggler and gentle soul who would gaze into your eyes and give you the look of love (even though she was 100% blind for most of her adult life).  She loved kayaking and boating and the water was soothing to her sweet soul. Bella was rescued when she was just 6 months old by Jessica and was her faithful companion for over a decade with a fierce spirit that will forever be remembered.  She entered the rainbow bridge in November of 2019.


Frankie the 14 year old Kapha Lover will always be a big part of our heart!!! He loves spending time in nature (and in particular is a water and snow dog!) He is sure to give plentiful kisses to all that cross his path (especially children, who adore him to pieces).  He is a true earth lover and even prefers to munch on trees (ie. newspaper, books, toilet paper) over his bones and treats.  At almost fourteen years old he loves to run, jump, and hike!  His crystal blue eyes give him a wolf like appearance and his he is one big ball of love and doggie bliss.

Rest In Peace, Fur Angel Mason