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8 Week Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Circle for Girls
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Facilitated by Jessica Serra, LCSW + Macie Prajer, MS Candidate


What are Teenvana? Mind-Body-Spirit Programs all about?

Greater Waterbury/Litchfield County

Prima Wellness founded the framework of Teenvana for mind-body-spirit wellness in 2013 to support adolescent pre-teen and teen girls with finding self-appreciation, empowerment, confidence, and discovering the power of meaningful connection and healthy lifestyle balance.

I felt alone at school and that no one really understood me. ?Now I know I have a circle I can talk to and people who appreciate the REAL me. ?- Summer 2016 program participant

Girls are bombarded with images from social media and field immense pressures from every facet of their young lives. Taking time to step back, process dynamics, learn positive techniques and strategies, and integrate these into meaningful new self-capacities is critical!

Our Director, Jessica Serra, has a long- standing passion for working with adolescent females since 2001. She has served as a group facilitator, trauma expert, and a gender-responsive trainer since 2008. She has developed and implemented clinical programming for various non-profit organizations through out CT, CT’s judicial branch, schools, and universities. Jessica has functioned in the capacity as a direct treatment provider for the teenage and emerging adult population for 16 years. (In other words….she adores this age group!) She thanks her invaluable pool of teenage nieces, relatives, patients, and students for keeping her “in the loop” with all of the latest and greatest. Check out her bio?here.

Some of our Summer 2016 session participants


Creative Communication

Creative Communication

What are the core principles of our programs?

  • Providing the opportunity to think, act, lead, and develop as emerging adults
  • Discussion of psycho-educational and socially relevant topics (e.g. relational aggression/ bullying, peer pressure, academic life, family communication)
  • ?Nurturing a safe supportive atmosphere to learn, share, and grow with others
  • Incorporating holistic wellness, nutrition, and integrative health activities to fuel inner and outer strength and illuminate their individual, unique beauty
  • Learning eastern based techniques such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to support a healthy mind-body-spirit relationship
  • Utilizing art and creativity as a medium for self expression and therapeutic resource
  • Exploration of proactive self-care techniques & sustainable coping skills to impact a healthy school-life balance.
  • Allowing girls to foster meaningful connections with girls in their developmental age group and integrate positive communication techniques
  • Integration of evidence based paradigms: Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Custom Blended Perfume with Essential Oils

Journaling and Self-Expression


Young Author & Guest Speaker, Samantha D’Angelo



What does the structure look like:

Teenvana mind body spirit programs are facilitated in various formats and? typically hosted at our location in Watertown, CT. ?Our facilitator has launched this program in external locations (e.g. yoga studios, schools, community centers) that is contingent upon request and availability.


  • 6-8 week rotating structured curriculum with bi-weekly 1.5 hour groups
  • Intensive workshops and day long retreats
  • Small groups and individual sessions per request

? ? ? ? Sample Session:

  • Icebreaker Activity, Sharing Circle, Educational & Experiential Activity, Yoga and Mindfulness, & Closing Discussion.


What ages/ grades is this geared toward?

We separate all of our groups/workshops into younger teens/”tweens” & older teens to ensure that the content is most relevant and developmentally on target. ?Each program will list age criteria (sometimes this is flexible depending on the developmental functioning of a particular child).

?Is this appropriate for my child?

Teenvana is appropriate for almost every child and there is no inclusionary/exclusionary criteria. Our facilitator will ask a few brief screening questions to ensure that there are no extenuating circumstances or conditions that might create barriers for a group environment.



?Does my child need to have a mental health concern or problem at school?

All girls can benefit from our program! ?Those the highest levels of functioning and those with tremendous struggles. We will weave in concepts that are beneficial and impactful to a wide spectrum of young ladies.

Most groups for girls circumnavigate around a central theme: ((e.g. help for depression, self-esteem, anxiety, anger-management….the list goes on!)) At times these groups are very important and highly effective. However, abundant psychological research is proving that combining girls from DIVERSE backgrounds, experiences, and levels of resiliency provides a hugely impactful experience.

Heterogeneity is critical when working in a group atmosphere. Girls with greater confidence and guest speakers mentor and empower girls who are struggling with finding their voice and place in the group. In turn, the more vulnerable girls provide valuable insights and awareness for other group members. Commonalities are identified within the matrix of diversity and each group member learns greater resiliency from the unique perspectives of others! It is truly magical to witness.

Creating Mantra & Communication Activity

Creating Mantra & Communication Activity

Teenvana is expanding- Are you interested in becoming a program?facilitator?

Teenvana is branching out statewide. We are seeking experienced facilitators and trainers who share our passion for supporting girls in shining their light into the world! Please send letter of intent along with resume/ curriculum vitae to [email protected]



About Us

Jessica Grant

Jessica Grant

Licensed Psychotherapist- 20 years of clinical experience

National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) Member

Ayurvedic Practitioner + Herbalist

Energetic Medicine/ Somatic Healing Provider

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

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