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Our Botanical Love Story

by primawellness

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Plant Evolution

Prima Wellness Founder, Jessica Grant has been working with plant medicine and aromatic oils for ten years. The very first plant that she truly got to know and fell in love with was violet (a healing flower and herb that adorns a signature oil blend!) 

Flora Around the World

Through her travels to Asia and Australia she was moved by the beauty of the lotus and  frangipani blossoms and earth elements of the vetiver root. During this time, she also became deeply connected to natural plant based healing and its connection to the subtle mind and energetic physiology of the human body. As a licensed psychotherapist, she soon realized that this beautiful science had to be woven into western psychology somehow. In a perfect world, a prescription (or Rx) would be written for an herbal tea, tincture, or healing oil before a medication given!

Of greatest importance, Jessica was inspired to formally launch her wellness practice and healing offerings after spending time in the flora rich blue zone of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. She has extensively studied medicinal plants growing in this tropical Central American region. Sacred hibiscus, ylang ylang, palo santo,and jasmine are infused and combined in Prima Plant Rx’s Divine Love blend as a tribute to her beloved country and the people who reside there.


Our Commitment

Jessica has always been passionate about human and animal rights, self-care, and environmentally friendly/ non-toxic products. Our brand is committed to your whole self health and preservation of the earth through non-toxic and sustainable wellnessproducts.  All of our botanical products contain the highest quality plant based sources.

Our  Product Philosophy:
  • Vegan + Cruelty Free
  • Picked and Sourced with respect for the natural plant ecology.
  • Mindfully crafted using our extensive education in the realm of plant education
  • Reiki Infused + Handpoured with Love
Our ingredients:
  • Certified Organic Cold Pressed Food Grade Nutritive Oils
  • Local Wildcrafted Herbs and Flowers
  • Certified Organic Locally Grown Herbs
  • Imported Direct/Fair Trade Organic Flower Essences + Herbs
Spring Foraging for Medicinal Plants