New Year Ritual for Release and Abundance

Taking time to consciously recollect our words and actions is a powerful practice to spark the pending New Year transition. ?Although year 2016 was far from an easy year in every sense of the word, it is forever engraved in our journey. ?A year of virtual “shock and awe,” tidal waves of energy and movement, tears, unexpected outcomes, chaos, and departure. ?In our own Prima family we contended with a living breathing sh*tstorm of emergent medical situations, a near death accident, and the loss of a parent. ?Our personal world seemed to be reflected in the greater realm of humanity….flooded with turbulent beginnings and endings. ?At the end of the day we can dwell in the dark or move forward with gratitude, light, goodness, and prosperity! We invite you to join us on the latter…..

Read below for ?an easy 10-step practice that will assist you with paving a beautiful path into 2017!


?When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.? ~Lao Tzu

  1. Prepare a sacred space for yourself. Bring in items of personal or spiritual significance that help to cultivate feelings of being loved, grounded, centered, safe, inspired, and protected. These items will also serve a secondary purpose and serve as a conduit to amplify what you are bringing awareness and energy to.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Some suggestions: photos of loved ones, items of sentimental value, spiritual images or statutes, stones/crystals/gems. Make sure that you have two papers and a writing tool handy.

? ? ? ? ? Our New Year arsenal of goodies includes:

  • ?Clear Quartz (Clears and cleanses energy, amplifies intention)
  • Green Malachite (Helps boost confidence, provides protection, supports healing of the heart)
  • Hematite (Grounds, Helps to connect to the spiritual realm, supports with manifesting hopes and dreams)
  • Pyrite (Also helps with manifestation, and adds vital life force and will power)
  • Raw Garnet (Symbolizes prosperity and good health)
  • Blue Angelite (Connects us to the divine, provides serenity and expansion of consciousness)

? ? ? ? ? (?Ayurveda teaches us that everything has a subtle energetic influence, including gemstones and precious metals. ?Each individual stone has different elemental properties that help to balance the tri-dosha!)

  • Statue of Ganapati/Ganesha (removes obstacles/ symbolic of wisdom/ auspicious with attaining new goals)
  • Wild Orange Essential Oil (Generates Abundance, Detoxifies, and Assists with Transitions)
  • Sandalwood Incense (heightens intention, transformative, attracts positive energy and clear perception)

  1. Clear your sacred space by “smudging” with?Sage and Cedar (Helps to cleanse our aura and removes stagnant energy!)
  2. Take some time to ground down, feel connected to the earth, meditate and cultivate a calm mind and sense of peace. I love repeating the following silently or aloud: ?May I feel how deeply I am accepted by the universe of which I am a part.?
  3. Invite the process of “recapitulation” or karma cleansing. Bring into your conscious awareness things, people, events, emotions, patterns, etc. that you would like to release and let go of in 2016. Then mindfully write them down. In yoga we call this process of inquiry vich?ra?or self-reflection.
  4. The next step is to release! Metaphorically and literally. Tear up this list, burn it, or otherwise dispose of it. Repeat the following either silently or aloud: ?May these negative events, feelings, and actions be dissolved and no harm come to any being because of them.?
  5. Take a moment to reflect and welcome the feeling of release, peace, and new freedom. In the next few moments of meditation, connect with your intuition and ask, “What do I need to welcome into my new year? What will serve my highest self?”
  6. Invite new intentions into your minds eye. Take a moment to visualize these intentions and imagine them coming to fruition. Feel the feelings associated with this…acknowledge the positive thoughts that coincide. Imagine your hopes and dreams being fulfilled as if they were being fulfilled in the that very moment!
  7. Mindfully write down the new intentions that you would like to manifest in 2017. This process is not simply about setting goals or resolutions. It is about inviting in what will support your soul’s deepest longing. What will be a conduit to your life’s true calling and bring you balance, peace, and joy?
  8. Place this list somewhere safe or significant to you. Somewhere where you can stay connected to the magic that you are co-creating with the universe. ?Some may prefer to burn this list also…offering it up to the universe.
  9. Close your New Years Ritual with any sentiments, prayers, and/or mantra of your choosing. Whatever is genuine and authentic. One suggestion is repeating 108 rounds of the *Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha* mantra to aid with removing residual blockages and bless your new intentions with prosperity and abundance.

Wishing all a safe, happy, and healthy New Year! ?Or as our Buddhist friends say…. “Happy New Instant!”

(((N A M A S T E)))


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Jessica Grant

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