Life and Death Flying Through the Sky


Today, President Donald Trump ordered a 21 thousand pound bomb deployment in Afghanistan. 95,000 humans live within close proximity of the bombing.

I have been sitting with a heavy spirit and peace filled mantra and prayer all day.

Personally, I ?have lost courageous family members and friends serving their country in Afghanistan over the past decade. I have treated military veterans who have witnessed atrocities and contend with the brutal agony of PTSD. A lifelong affliction for most. I have also heard horror stories from native civilians of Pashtun, Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara descent who are suffering amidst extreme poverty and warfare. Sadness, horror, and devastation on both sides. The scent of cardamom and the taste of decadent kabuli palaw still ring through my senses as I received narratives from young and old one mid-winter day.

The common thread amidst all is human connection. US citizen to Afghan citizen. ?Human to Human. Not the Taliban. Not ISIS. Just simple folks from both nations trying to do their best. To survive. To live to see the next sunrise. And return home to their families when the dust and ruin comes to a still.

At my family home, a mama robin crafted a nest of twigs, feathers, and grass within a spring wreath hanging on the front door. Over the past few days, she laid 5 sweet little blue speckled eggs. A new egg every day. She (and her paramour) keep a watchful eye on the nest- fluttering back and forth with vigilance and an unspoken mission of creation.

Visitors are forbidden from opening the front door and need to use an alternate entryway. The eggs are precious and not to be disturbed. Taking great caution and care to honor ahimsa, an ethical observance of non-violence/non-harming taken from the ancient text of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The evolution of these fragile tiny lives is upon us. A shared responsibility.

It might sound crazy, but these diminutive eggs have become a symbol of hope during these bleak times of chaos and despair. A reminder that no matter how out of control political decisions, policies, and action becomes…..we always have control over what aspects of life that we directly touch, nurture, protect, and love.

Our Native American brothers and sisters from the Iroquois and Shoshone tribes believed that robins were representative of prophetic vision, clarity, and sound judgment. The robin would be called upon during ceremonies when clear understanding was needed and quality judgments needed to be made.

As we invoke the sagacity of Christ consciousness with the dawning of the Easter holiday and its pagan roots of spring , rebirth, and homage to the miraculous magical mother earth, today’s events are even more palpable.

Let us hope and pray that clear discernment and wisdom prevails across this worldly landscape of humanity. Different linguistics, customs, religious ideologies, and cultures. Yet our universal brethren no less. Just like the delicate winged creatures with beating hearts above our doorstep.


(((( N ?A ?M ?A ?S ?T ?E ))))

    – JGS

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Jessica Grant

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