Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

Netra Tarpana

 Our eyes (netra) are the windows to our soul and are constantly overstimulated, irritated, and dried out through electronic screens, environmental toxins, allergens, and a multitude of sensory experiences  in this busy world.  This treatment is deeply replenishing to the delicate region of the eyes but also to the subtle energy that embodies them.  According to Ayurvedic etiology and pathology, the eyes are often the root cause of psychological and nervous system imbalance. The word for roots of a tree shares the same name in sanskrit. This treatment is so powerful, it transcends treatment for just the eyes and is a “multi koshic” full body experience.

Relax on our heated table while your provider applies homeade dough basins to each eye and fills with warm organic ghee (divine nectar for the occular tissues). The therapist will balance specific marma points around the eyes and also provide a marmic rebalancing massage to the scalp.Warming herbalized ear drops will be applied to the ears and nose and rosewater pads will be applied to the eyes following the service as well as thyroid/throat chakra support.

 Please note: clients should arrive for this treatment with out eye make up.  If you have eyelash extensions, this treatment is not recommended.

Accompanied service suggestions- signature energy medicine treatment,- ayurvedic reflexology, or additional ayurvedic treatment.


About Us

Jessica Grant

Jessica Grant

Licensed Psychotherapist- 20 years of clinical experience

National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) Member

Ayurvedic Practitioner + Herbalist

Energetic Medicine/ Somatic Healing Provider

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

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