7 Tips for Guilt Free Morning Coffee

This blog is not to debate whether coffee is prescriptively bad versus good for the human body. Yes- some of us with certain medical conditions or imbalances should not be drinking coffee. Yes- those who suffer from extreme anxiety and overly taxed adrenals/ high cortisol levels should not be drinking any coffee. There are many more examples of exclusions to the java rule. ?Unfortunately, the prolific content on the web can create much confusion on the topic. Any one of you can easily go online and find 50 pro-coffee research articles and another 50 that are negating any benefit to its consumption. For the love!

A cup of cinnamon- banana java love from the Prima kitchen

With any food or beverage we ingest, we need to utilize our own wisdom with making health discernments, taking into consideration our own individualized state of mental and physical circumstances, and any health care provider recommendations. This post is for those who do not have any acute contraindications for use- and just love their morning dose of sunshine in a cup. For this group of folks……

Drink your Java guilt free!!!! But first, ask yourself the following important questions:

  1. Are my beans grown with love?
  • Are they pesticide free?
  • Direct trade is even better than fair trade
  • Even fancy USDA organic labels may have hidden negatives lurking. there are incredible local farms that can’t afford the big bucks to go through the organic certification process even though they exceed these standards.
  • Even fancy USDA organic labels may have hidden negatives lurking. there are incredible local farms that can’t afford the big bucks to go through the organic certification process even though they exceed these standards.
  1. How alkaline is my coffee?
  • Use a low acidity bean
  • ?Cold brew is low acid- and delicious
  • The darker the roast he lower the acidity ?(and caffeine content)
  • Drinking straight up black coffee that has high acidity is not supportive to your internal landscape despite popular belief
  • Lastly and most importantly- See first bullet under coffee additives for a major alkalinity boost
  1. What temperature is my coffee?
  • Very warm but not too fiery hot
  • Iced only on occasion
  • Why? Extreme hot and cold temperatures tamper with our digestive fire that is hugely important to not just our gut health- but overall well being! Hang in there summer loving iced coffee friends…there is hope at the end of this article.
  1. When am I drinking my coffee?
  • Drinking first thing in the AM is equivalent of beaming rocket fuel straight into your soul. Warm up your delicate GI system first with some warm lemon water
  • Sipping coffee post meal digestion is ideal if possible as it has elements of bitterness and astringency. Practically- if you are having on an empty belly use the other tips listed!
  • Do not gulp and drink as mindfully as possible
  1. How much coffee am I drinking?
  • Guaranteed, if you if you take a lot of the extra syrups, sweeteners, artificial flavors, and creamers your brew – you will desire quality not quantity.
  • ?1 cup in the morning (ideally after taking in food) is best- 2nd post lunch if absolutely needed. Our stance is no more than 2 per day!
  • ?If liquid energy is what you are craving constantly- this points to other issues with better solutions for your beautiful being! Much of the “energy bump” we receive from coffee is actually a placebo effect or a short-term boost of stimulation followed by a crash.
  • Make certain to hydrate adequately if you are taking 1-2 cups daily due to the water & mineral leeching properties of coffee (it is tricky and dupes us into believing we are not really thirsty or hungry at times!)
  1. What am I adding to my coffee?
  • ?1 tsp of ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil works amazingly well! These are both the equivalent of transforming your coffee into a warm hug for the belly. We like to pop all ingredients in blender on high for half a minute as this creates a beautiful balanced texture and equal distribution
  • Add a dash maple syrup or raw honey if needed. No fake sugars (Sp*%&#@) that are highly addictive and toxic!
  • ?If you have to add milk use whole fat milk from a local humane dairy you trust or your choice of minimally processed nut milk (most big label brands are riddled with additives and preservatives!)

And lastly….

  1. Am I spicing my coffee?
  • We use a host of spices depending on what our mental/physiological vibe is. This is in alignment with the Ayurvedic medical framework, the standpoint of many holistic nutrition philosophies, and something our grandparents knew based on logic and reason.
  • If you are feeling angry, high strung, or have issues related to liver, inflammation, or acid reflux: try some cooling spices like Cardamom (which also neutralizes caffeine acidity!) & Turmeric.
  • Warming spices such as: Nutmeg, Clove, and Cinnamon can provide support for sluggish digestion, lack of motivation/ energy, and the morning blues.

A beautiful array of spices- inspired by the Himalayan Institute


Important caveat: This post is not to shame our D&D lovers who find ritual in going through the drive through window and receiving that plastic cup & neon orange straw. Nor to say never get that delicious Starbucks macchiato or latte as a treat. The 80/20 rule is our guideline to use for a healthy, happy, balanced life!


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