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Our Prima Pack  may be seen around town or making guest appearances in our office.  They are uniquely special as well, because each of them has personalities  that are expressed through a different dominant dosha. Our canine trio are all rescue dogs and help us advocate for the mantra, *ADOPT DONT SHOP*!!  There are so many beautiful animals in shelters and rescue organizations that deserve loving forever homes!


Frankie is our 13 year old Black Lab- Pitbull Mix who is a Kapha Lover.  He enjoys spending time in nature (in particular is a water and snow dog!) and giving plentiful kisses to all (especially kids!)  He is a true earth lover and even prefers to munch on trees (ie. newspaper, books, toilet paper) over his bones and treats. Frankie was rescued by Jimmy when he was a young pup and has been through a great deal of life challenges (both physical and emotional) yet has the ojas (life force and immunity) of a champion. At almost fourteen years old he loves to run, jump, and hike!


Bella is our 12 year old Italian Greyhound who is 100% vata….the canine version.  She has a difficult time sitting still, loves to run in circles around the house, and has a particular affinity for espresso and chocolate (which of course she is not allowed to have).  She is our mini scavenger and is always scouting the house for treats and hidden toys.  She is also an optimal snuggler and gentle soul who will gaze into your eyes and give you the look of love (even though she is 100% blind).  Bella was rescued when she was just 6 months old by Jessica and has been her faithful companion for over a decade and although she looks delicate – her spirit is quite fierce.


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Chloe is our sweet corgi-chihuahua mix (a.k.a. the “corwowa”) who is a tiny pitta pooch with fur!  We are not exactly certain how old she is, but would guess 6 or 7.  Chloe was rescued from an abandoned apartment in Hartford, CT when she was just a little one (and it was clear she recently had puppies of her own that were taken away).  With love and nurturing this traumatized girl has come into her own personality and even thinks she is the pack alpha (attempting to always show other dogs who is boss!) Chloe is the ultimate lapdog and therapeutic helper….gentle and loving with all humans.


Rest In Peace, Fur Angel Mason